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Here is what a graduate of our school has to share about her experience as a parent at St. Aloysius:

About five years ago, my husband and I moved back to Fort Wayne with a 6-month old and I remember us having many discussions about where to buy a house. Do we live on the north side where there was expanding development with shopping and restaurants within minutes? Do we live on the south side to be closer to my family? Or do we live on the west side of Fort Wayne where the housing market had a number of listings and the school systems offered both catholic school options and a statewide recognized public school district as well?

In the end, we settled in southwest Fort Wayne and knew the time was coming to decide where to send our children for school. Conversations started to become more frequent as our oldest was nearing the age of four years old. We talked about what we wanted for her and to be honest, what we needed for us. We wanted her to be in a school where the size of the school allowed for teachers and staff to know the students not by a face, but by his/her name. It was important that she feel like she is welcomed as part of a bigger family that takes her in as they would their own child and develop her character, her skills and her newly recognized relationship with God. What we needed as parents, was the peace of mind knowing she was getting the attention she needed with a staff that truly cares about their students in a setting where she could be herself.

In our first year, we received communication from the classroom that kept us updated on how our child was adapting to the new environment. They highlighted her good days and notified us when learning moments took place. They told us when she had a silly moment or perhaps even a time when she extended a little extra kindness to a friend. It is the little things like this that keep us first-time, school parents’ minds at ease knowing our child is in the hands of someone who truly wants the best for them.

St. Aloysius Catholic School is nowhere close to where we live. We are still on the southwest side of Fort Wayne and drive through not only a highly recommended school district, but also pass two catholic elementary schools every day to drive our little one to school. The 30 minutes we drive are because St. Aloysius has everything we want for our daughter and everything we need as a parent from a school.

Our lengthy drive is my undisturbed time to spend with our daughter and usually she can’t wait to tell me all about the “great day” she had at school. Whether it is a story about a friend that celebrated a birthday, a teacher that helped her finish her lunch so she could go out and play at recess or the “church guy” that “talks so long every time” at church, each one has stamped a story in her day and that just reminds us that she is very much in the right place…and that place is St. Aloysius Catholic School.

Matt and Sarah ‘Wyss’ Dazey, (Sarah:  St. Aloysius – Class of 1994)

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Our School Mission

As a student, I will take responsibility for my education and I will know Christ, meet Him in the Sacraments and evangelize through acts of love and works of mercy.

Our School Vision

Through the integral academic and spiritual formation of each child, Saint Aloysius Catholic School enables all children to realize their God-given potential to be successful now and in the future.

We are enrolling now for 2021-2022!  If you have any questions, please give us a call or stop by the school!


Would you like to know the Catholic Church's teaching on education?  Please see the following key documents:

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The Holy See's Teaching On Catholic Schools, by Archbishop J. Michael Miller, C.S.B.  September 14th, 2005

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