Pre-Kindergarten Accreditation

UPDATE 4/12/2019: Our application to become an Unlicensed Registered Ministry is approved and we are currently at Level 1 on Paths to Quality.  Thanks go to Mrs. Bunting for her abundant time and effort into the process. 


We are progressing well toward having an accredited PK program! You may know the term, On My Way Pre-K! Mrs. Bunting and I are working closely with Early Childhood Alliance in Fort Wayne to meet the many standards that exist as we move up in quality levels.  If you know a family who is looking for a quality PK for their children, pass along our contact information! There are some eligibility guidelines, but a conversation with them will help them move along in the process. Thank you!

Pre-K Tax Credit: By the way! Did you know this? ... if both parents work, Pre-K is considered “daycare” and is eligible for a tax credit! Talk with your tax preparer to see if you qualify!