Spiritual Formation

Forming the Saint

At Saint Aloysius Catholic School, children learn to live out God's will for them and how to practice His teachings daily. Students participate in weekly Mass in attendance, as lectors, gift bearers and cantors. Catholic students may also participate in the Sacraments and are able to assist in the Mass as servers. All students receive religious instruction and daily prayer in preparation for their continued growth as Children of God. The Catholic Church liturgical calendar is celebrated and observed through special seasons such as Lent and Holy Week, Prayer such as Stations of The Cross, Easter celebrations, Christmas celebrations, Rosary, Divine Mercy Chaplet and Feasts of The Saints to name a few.

Our Mission:  As a student, I will take responsibility for my education, and I will know Christ, meet Him in the Sacraments, and evangelize through acts of love and works of mercy.

In addition to forming the scholar, we cooperate with Our Lord in forming the Saint as well.  We work to live out our mission every day in faith formation, academically in the classroom, and in our community by serving those in need.

We strive to reach out in Acts of Love by spending time with the elderly in local nursing homes, with children hospitalized for extended periods, working at the Franciscan Center and the Women's Care Centers in Fort Wayne, making prayer cards for those serving in the military, making scripture notes for the homeless among other methods of outreach.

A few of our Works of Mercy include collections of needed items for the Franciscan Center, Ave Maria House, Mustard Seed Furniture Bank, Street Reach, Women's Care Centers, local food banks.