Faculty & Staff

We are so very excited to have such gifted teachers in our school serving your children. Each year you have seen that we make slight, appropriate changes with staffing and space. We do this to best serve the students as they are the heart of our vocation. Below is a listing of teachers and their current grade levels.  The secretary and the principal follow the teachers.

Meet our Faculty!

Pre-Kindergarten, Mrs. Julie Bunting


Kindergarten & 1st Grade, Mrs. Theresa Kiracofe


2nd & 3rd Grades, Mrs. Tracy Miller


4th Grade, Mrs. Nikki Thompson


5th Grade, Ms. Meagan Richard


Religion, ELA - 3rd - 8th Grades, Mrs. Elise Bohl


Math - 5th - 8th Grades, Mrs. Kylene Jensen

photo not available      kjensen@stalyoder.org 

Science - 6th - 8th Grades, Mrs. Arika Wilson


Social Studies, ELA - 6th - 8th Grades, Mrs. Dawn Wyss


School Secretary, Mrs. Sue Frauenfelder


Principal, Mrs. Tina Voors