Curriculum and Programming

We use various tools and resources for a varied student experience.  We all know that technology is very important these days, and it's everywhere!  However, we still believe in teaching how to read and write cursive, and to work on neatness and legibility.  Handwriting is an important fine-motor and life skill!

Secondly, because of today's techology-driven environment, we do provide many experiences in all grades through iPads, student laptops, and classroom technology.  Especially as students get into late elementary and Jr. High, they must learn how to be good consumers of the world of information available to them.  We teach the use of technology in light of good judgement, responsibility, and learning to be prudent, digital citizens.

We do not send any devices home with students.  All laptops remain in the building, and the work is done on them during school hours.  We are currently not an E-Learning school.

Curricular Materials:


Grades PK-K

Grade 2

Grades 1-6

Grades 7 & 8

Allelu! - Our Sunday Visitor

Sacrament Preparation - Dynamic Catholic

We Believe Sadlier

Alive in Christ - Our Sunday Visitor

Decision Point - Dynamic Catholic 

Theology Of The Body - Ascension Press

English Language Arts

Grades K-2

Grades 1-4

Grades 2-6

Grades 5-8

Grades 7-8


Grade 8

Superkids - Zaner-Bloser

Writing Our Catholic Faith (Handwriting) - Universal Publishing

Journeys (Basal Reader) - Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

various novels/genres

Grammar and Writing - Hake

Classic Roots Vocabulary - EPS

Collections - Readers Notebook - Houghton Mifflin Harcourt


Grades K-6

Grades 7-8

Go Math! - Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Pre-Algebra & Algebra I - Glencoe/McGraw-Hill

Science Grades K-8 Interactive Science - Pearson
Social Studies

Grades K-5

Grades 6-8

My World - Pearson

various; US History - Holt/McDougal

Online Programming All Grades Vocabulary/Spelling City; Xtra Math; IXL Reading and Math; NWEA Benchmark - Reading, Language and Math; Google Classroom & Tools