SGO Donations and Student Grants

Scholarship Granting Organization of Northeast Indiana

Let's be honest - Catholic education is an investment.  As taxpayers in the state of Indiana, there is a program that creates a powerful benefit to not only our students who qualify, but also to the individual or business who makes a donation to our SGO. 

DONORS:  You help to ensure young people have a chance to receive a Catholic education.  The process for you is easy and so beneficial!  Check out the SGO Website for a brief video and information.  Sign up for an account, select St. Aloysius Catholic School, and complete a simple form online.  It's so easy!  Thank you for your consideration.

FAMILIES:  Our school uses these donated funds to help you send your child to St. Aloysius.  There are Adjusted Gross Income limits set that determine eligiblity.  Please check this chart.  If you are at or under the dollar amount in Column C for your reported Household Size, you may qualify!

Contact Mrs. Voors at so we can talk further!