School Choice Scholarships (Vouchers)

This is a federal program that offers much more than the title suggests for families financially. Please contact the office if you would like some details. It's an awesome tool!

There are myths out there regarding how the "voucher" program works and its characteristics.  Please see THIS DOCUMENT to learn more about the absolute value and gift that a School Choice Scholarship is to our young Hoosier students seeking a Catholic Christian education.  Parents, YOU have power to make the right choice for your child.  Here's another document to help you see the big picure.

IT IS IMPORTANT TO's not just about meal prices. The School Choice Scholarship (voucher) program utilizes the Federal Free & Reduced Lunch program as a qualifier regarding income.

DID YOU KNOW...that the full advantage of the voucher program for EACH student grades 1-12 could be worth over $60,000 to attend the non-public school of your choice???? This is assuming the family's income remains eligible each individual year up to 12th grade!

Kindergarten students have another option as well for entering our school with some financial help. Just ask!

We at St. Aloysius pray for you as you discern what is best for your child. If we can be of any help at all, please contact us. 

Use the following document to determine your possible eligibility.  

2021-2022 Household Income Limits

Please contact Tina Voors, Principal, if you have any questions at all - it's easier than you think!